This is going to be a slew of pictures from many of the LFGS events and meetings. I will post what they were as to the best of my memory. Future additions will be better marked.
If you have any other pictures, please send them to, for inclusion to the website. You will get full credit.

Rita Bachman came by and discussed Organic Fruits

The Soil Whisper, Paul Saucier came and spoke to the society

Maple Ridge Farm Tour for the LFGS

Kathy Woolsey teaching about Pineapples

Carolina Yard Garden School

Working field trip to Cypress Gardens. 2014, pruning demo and potting up of bare root trees.

Darren teaching something, unsure of date.

Jim Strohm teaching about bees and pollination of fruits

This was a fruit tasting event at one of the meetings, dated 2015.

Here are a few pictures that Sandee Bauer took for the Citrus Expo;

Held November 21st, 2015 at Old Santee Canal State Park
Thank You Sandee!!

And some that I had. It really was a wonderful day!

2013 Field Trip for the LFGS to Simply Bananas in James Island

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